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       The Diaper Bank of Cape Cod, Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard 

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Welcome to our APPOINTMENT Portal! Please book an appointment in Hyannis from (10-2pm Tuesday), (10-2pm Wednesday) and (10-12pm Thursday). Click the BOOK NOW BUTTON and follow the prompts. If you are booking an appointment for Nantucket please do so from (10-1:30 on Wednesdays.)

SPANISH - ¡Bienvenido a nuestro sistema de NOMBRAMIENTOS! Por favor reserve una cita en Hyannis de (10 a 2 pm martes), (10 a 2 pm miércoles) y (10 a 12 pm jueves). Haga clic en el BOTÓN RESERVAR AHORA y siga las indicaciones. Si reserva y tiene una cita para Nantucket, hágalo a partir de (10-2:30 los martes.)

PORTUGUESE - Bem-vindo ao nosso sistema de NOMEAÇÕES! Marque uma consulta em Hyannis a partir de (terça-feira das 10h00 às 14h00), (quarta-feira das 22h00 à quarta-feira) e (quinta-feira das 22h00 à quinta). Clique no BOTÃO RESERVAR AGORA e siga as instruções. Se você estiver reservando um horário para Nantucket, faça-o a partir de (10-14: 30 às terças-feiras.)

Haitian Creole - Byenvini sou Portal RENDEVO nou an! Tanpri pran yon randevou nan Hyannis apati (10-2pm Madi), (10-2pm Mèkredi) ak (10-12pm Jedi). Klike BOUTON LIV KOUNYE A epi suiv envit yo. Si w ap pran yon randevou pou Nantucket tanpri fè sa apati (10-1:30 nan Mèkredi.)

IMPORTANT: Please bring the following identification with you to every visit every month.

IMPORTANTE: Por favor, traga a seguinte identificação com você em todas as visitas todos os meses.IMPORTANTE: Traiga la siguiente identificación a cada visita cada mes.

ENPÒTAN: Tanpri pote idantifikasyon sa a avèk ou nan chak vizit chak mwa.

Contact Us / Find Us


Physical Address :

81 Willow Avenue, Hyannis MA

Mailing Address :

320 Main Street, Hyannis MA 02601 ababycentercapecod@gmail.com 

ABC Hyannis Hours:






Mashpee: Christ the King Parish Hall, Wed.10-12

Cape Cod Church - East Falmouth (Open the 2nd  and 4th Thursday of each month 10-12pm)

ABC - Nantucket:

Hours may vary

Location: Nantucket Family Resource Center

Wednesday. 10 - 1:30pm





What We Offer

Diapers, Wipes, Formula, Layette Bundle, Potty Training Kits, Baby Wash, Ointments, and gently used Clothing newborn to 5T, Baby gear, Strollers, High Chairs, Bouncy Seats, Blankets, Bathtubs, *Newborn Car Seats made possible by Cape Cod Healthcare and Free Period Supplies (Dottie Program)

​In Addition We Provide

Parenting support programs, such as Family Market Days held each quarter. Nutritional guidance, Private consultations.

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All babies need their diapers changed 7-8  times per day. Many families struggle to afford diapers and wipes. No programs from the government are in place to help families with this expense.


If you are having trouble providing baby basics for your child, please call us! 

We want to help!



A Baby Center.

We service Cape Cod,  Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard



EMAIL: ababycentercapecod@gmail.com